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Why Sesso?
4,000 clients nationwide!
In-house production
7 years of success
Natural fur only
Company-owned stores
Pay the carrier after fitting option
Nationwide installment options
More than 700 items in stock
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Frequently asked questions
Is everything in stock?
We work hard to provide our customers with the best parkas on time. If some SKUs are running out of stock AND it will take more than 3 days to restock them, our customer service department will get in touch with you immediately to resolve the situation.

In case if there is no restocking, our customer service specialist will offer you exchange options.
Why should I use the installment plan?
5 reasons to purchase your new parka at Sesso using our installment plans:

  1. The highest approval rate! All citizens 18 to 75 years of age are eligible. Passport required.
  2. No initial payment!
  3. No interest rate! You only pay the actual price of the parka!
  4. Pay the rest of your plan any time!
  5. Get your approval online by only filling out the request. No mandatory initial payment or interest rate for up to 12 months!
How do I know what's my size?
We describe the product sizing options as well other parameters (like length or fit type), on each product page to help you pick the right size. Additionnally, our managers always double check the size you pick when confirming the order.
What do I do if I pick the wrong size nonetheless?
$₽&% happens! In this unlikely case, just let us know you got the wrong size and we will exchange the item.
Exchange and returns
Possible reasons to return or exchange an order:

  • Wrong size or model. Please, be aware that when the products are being photo shot for the catalogue, they are shown at their best: fur brushed, fabric nicely draped, professional lighting, etc. Due to the fact, each screen has different color expression, your doe to the fact that perception of the color of the item when you receive it might be somewhat different from the one you got when shopping online.
  • Wrong size due to the order picker's mistake. Some items might be of small or large fit. The sizing also varies from territory to of a small territory (for example, an item of the same dimensions might be considered an "S" in one country, while being an "M" in another country). Please, don't hesitate to ask our staff to help you pick the right size.
  • Production scrapping: discoloration, stitch and fabric tearing, accessories scrap.

The following defects are not considered as scrap:

  • Natural signs of wearing, minor wear on folds and creases.
  • Reckless use of product.
  • Discoloration due to the sun, humidity, temperature, bleaching or other reason.
  • Any type of damage that occurred due to improper care: bleaching, using an inappropriate detergent, wrong washing machine temperature mode.

You can always exchange or return the order if the item you got doesn't work for you because of any reason (including the wrong size, color, fit, etc) within 14 days of receiving the parcel. In this case, the shipping cost will be paid by the customer.

Important note! We only accept items that don't have any signs of wear (no returns or exchanges for products that were washed or used!) and are secured in pristine condition (including all labels and delivery set).
Shipping Conditions
Our local and worldwide shipping is executed via CDEK and Russian Post delivery services. Please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team to pick the best delivery option for you and calculate the exact shipping price.

The shipping price depends on the following:
  • The delivery service and option you choose.
  • The size and weight of the item you ordered.